Travel China's Silk Road with experts from the U.S. - China Institute


Over 14 days you will explore, learn, and meet the experts dedicating their lives to the preservation of this history and cultural heritage.



Join experts from the U.S. - China Institute at Bryant University and travel along one of the worlds' most important routes of east-west exchange. The U.S. - China Institute has been a leader of east-west exchanges for more than a decade since its founding in 2005.

The Silk Road linked ancient China with the world over the millennium and profoundly influenced Chinese culture and altered the course of Chinese history. Each destination along this journey will give the traveler insight into China's rich cultural past and help answer questions of what lies ahead.



  • The Bund of Shanghai and the Fairmont Peace Hotel
  • West Lake UNESCO World Heritage Site, once described by Marco Polo as "heaven on Earth"
  • Sample tea at the Longjing Tea Fields and a conversation with leading conservation experts at the National Silk Museum
  • A close encounter with the Terracotta Warriors, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Wonder of the World
  • Jiayuguan Great Wall Fortress, the most intact remaining military garrison at the western stretch of the Great Wall
  • Special access to the Thousand Buddha Caves at Dunhuang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • In depth and up close with experts from the Dunhuang Research Academy
  • Discussions with leading experts in their fields who are working to preserve China's intangible cultural heritage
  • Carefully selected authentic meals highlighting and featuring specialties of the region which you are visiting
  • Small travel group size and in-depth learning opportunity


The U.S. - China Institute at Bryant University has been on the forefront of U.S. - China exchanges for nearly two decades. It began in 1999 with an Environmental Science course on China for Bryant students, faculty and staff at Bryant University and has expanded to numerous back and forth exchanges for students, teachers, business owners, governmental delegations, explorers, ranging from high school age students to senior citizens.

The U.S. - China Institute is staffed by professionals devoted to the idea that travel and exchanging ideas increase understanding and lead to a more prosperous global community. With support from various cultural institutions in China, our team of professionals is dedicated to sharing the excitement that comes from exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, exchanging new ideas, and making new friends.

In order to understand ten thousand volumes of books
one has to travel ten thousand miles
— 董其昌 Dong Qichang (1555-1636, Ming Dynasty scholar)